Uncover all the friction that's slowing you down.

OHNO highlights all the barriers preventing your teams from reaching your mission, objectives, and upholding the values that are important.

Intelligent insights

Understand the details of what's holding your teams back from reaching their goals.

Focus on whats important

OHNO clarifies your objectives and gets your team focused on the right things.

Lifts engagement

By listening to real world problems and resolving your teams concerns, engagement rises.

Smarter every day

OHNO interacts with the right people at the right time, to learn whats really slowing you down.
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Three big benefits

Staff Engagement goes up
All teams want more autonomy. But did you know that one of the biggest factors in employee engagement is that they feel their contributions are helping? OHNO allows users at all levels, to raise issues that are slowing them down, and have those concerned looked at objectively.
Uncover hidden problems
Most teams think they know where things are not working. But OHNO uncovers problems on the front lines most people had no idea ever existed. What's even more interesting is that by collecting the issues and visualizing them the way we do, the team often comes up with solutions to problems that users thought were always 'too hard' to fix.
Increased focus
OHNO constantly puts your mission, your objectives, and your company values in the front of your teams mind. It also helps them visualise things that will stop them meeting those goals. Visualising blockers to an objective is a performance technique used by psychologists called 'Mental Contrasting' and can be highly effective in delivering results. The way it works is by asking users to regularly reflect on things stopping them achieving their goals, and nothing more, the likelihood of achieving those goals increases.

Why did we build it?

It’s hard for people, at all levels of a company, to identify and report problems that are holding them back from meeting their objectives. They’re either too busy to remember when asked or reluctant because it’s scary to point out things that are broken.

Businesses don’t keep a backlog of all the problems they have, and there’s no automated way to discover new problems as they happen pro-actively.

At best, teams simply fix what they can when they think of it, or address concerns from the most vocal complaints. Most teams simply action things from the most persuasive people or the ones with the most political capital. And sadly, most organizations are blind to all the friction that’s really slowing their teams down.

Every team member sees things that could be fixed, but without an easy way to communicate that and visualize it against the companies goals, organisations struggle to see what’s holding them back.

We decided to build a way for teams to see problems as they happen, isolate which ones are stopping them from achieving their goals the most, and solve them, making teams faster and more effective than ever before.



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