Does your team really know it's goals?

OHNO users are much more clear about their objectives. This means when activities arise that are in conflict with those goals, they are more likely to say no. The ability to say no to activities that don't get your closer to your goals is a game changer for most teams.

Crystal clear priorities

The priority matrix in OHNO shows very simply which problems are impacting the most users, how complicated the issue will be to solve, and what kind of impact it has on your objectives. We also show a similar view of actions. This is the perfect way for teams to discuss their objectives, and ensure they are all focused on what's important.
7.1 Reports - Barriers Box

What's stopping you?

OHNO uses a clinical psychology process known as mental contrasting, which has shown huge improvements in helping people achieve their goals. By visualizing what's holding you back from meeting your objectives, users are reflecting on barriers that might stop them, which encourages them to pro-actively think of solutions. This helps users hone in on their objectives to give them the best chance of success.

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