5 why's

Resolve the root causes

Teams who get to the heart of a problems notice things are getting better in a deeper way, and feel their real issues are being addressed. This is why we use a method of problem-solving called the 'Five Why's', which can be used to solve the original problem once and for all.

Own the outcomes

Teams that use OHNO can really impact their workplaces. They can identify issues as they see them, take full ownership of those issues, and resolve them. If you want to encourage your team to take more ownership, OHNO is the perfect tool.

Grow a better workplace

When staff become disengaged and leave, the cost to a business can be significant. Most employees today are leaving because they want more autonomy, more purpose in what they do, and an opportunity to learn new things. OHNO gets teams re-engaged by turning problems into development opportunities. It gives the staff a chance to reshape their organization for the better, making it better for everyone.

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