Where is all the friction?

Throughout a team, there is lots of small areas of friction slowing you down. But very few people reflect on those issues and put in small actions to solve them longer term. OHNO creates space for your team to identify those issues, and a way to prioritize the solutions.

Which team is really performing?

Reaching your goals is great and one of the best ways to identify if teams are on track is to see which teams are continuously improving. OHNO shows you which teams identify problems, create solutions, and are delivering those solutions quickly. You can even see trends over time.

Do teams improve?

You can measure if a team is actually getting better over time. The way to measure this is to look at the issues created vs issues completed view. It shows this trend over time. As time goes on, you'll see a teams rate increase too.

Is a team afraid?

Emotional safety in a team is very important. If teams don't feel comfortable raising problems, it may be an indication of a deeper problem within that team. OHNO highlights this issue as time goes on, when teams are not raising issues, or the issues are 'for show', then you may have an issue.


By having an objective way to raise concerns, you create much more transparency about where the issues are. By doing this, trust is created, and over time, staff will feel more comfortable giving one another feedback.

Reward people

When someone on a team is raising problems, and working hard to address them, this represents an opportunity to reward that behavior. OHNO sends you insights on who is really working to make things better every day on a team. You can use this to encourage this behavior.
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What do ignored problems cost?

OHNO understands what individual problems cost you, and can identify which solutions will save you the most money. This helps in justifying recruitment for new roles, or for buying new tools. It quantifies the cost of ignored problems in a team.

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