A simple guide to moving to OKRs in 30 days.

What if everyone is pulling in the same direction?

Creating some OKRs is one thing – but how do you actually move to the process of using OKRs? How do you make sure everyone buys into the idea and embraces it enthusiastically? Well, I decided to write a super simple guide on how to make the transition. If you follow this, in 30 days, you’ll be done, and you’ll never look back.

I decided to write this because I was getting messages from people about how they actually roll out OKRs. At first I decided to run some free workshops for our customers. These worked well but to make the process easier, (and so I could stop repeating the same content over and over) I thought a step by step guide might be able to help more people.

So this is a comprehensive guide to setting goals using OKRs and rolling out the framework in your team, and then more broadly, to other teams, if that’s what you want. This is everything I know about the process, and what I have learned from talking to different teams, and chatting about where things have gone wrong.

I do have some alternative views on OKRs, which I’ll go into in detail, but I think I have found which compromises and adjustments make sense for me, and which ones I suspect resonate with most people.

This guide is tool agnostic, you can track OKRs on a whiteboard if you like – you don’t need anything fancy. I also make sure to cover the more human elements. How to run meetings, how to help your team succeed, and generally just how to ensure the change management process is taken care of.