Our mission is

To reboot the workplace & liberate teams from mediocrity

To face the great challenges ahead of us, social, environmental and professional, we need passionate problem solvers. We want to help our customers solve daunting yet vital challenges and create cultures that are positive and enduring.


Our philosophy

We keep things simple

We favour outcomes over traditions. This means a much simpler way of working together
Fewer meetings, less bullshit, and more building great stuff for our customers.

Set clear priorities
Your goals will be crystal clear. After all, we make software that helps teams reach their goals.
Remove distractions
You won't find a lot of meetings at Ohno. You'll be left alone to do great work, distraction-free.
Encourage feedback
Your ability to give candid and constructive feedback constantly is a cornerstone of our culture.
Get out of the way
Nobody will tell you how to do your job. You'll have autonomy, and coaching when you need it.

What's important to us

At OHNO, we've decided on four very simple principals which define our day to day actions.


Lots of organizations talk about autonomy in name only and when you look close, the staff really have none of it. At OHNO, it is baked into our constitution, enabling employees to have access to autonomy in the same way as they have other workplace rights.


Being incredibly candid has meant a lot to us while we were building OHNO. Too often teams aren't honest with one another, they don't raise issues they want to, which holds them back. Being candid, when its hard, helps teams grow, and its something we're encouraging people to do.


OHNO is fanatical about data. We use highly segmented data so that we know the right moves to make. Data is the high priest of objectivity and guides us when the path forward isn't so clear. The answer to most questions at OHNO is, 'What does the data say?'


Today, we are more distracted than ever. Which is why focus is so big for OHNO. We work hard to remove distractions from work, by having as little meetings as possible, and ensuring people have the space to deliver against the goals we set out to achieve.

We're building science fiction

We're making a huge effort in putting intelligent software and practices to work for our team and our customers. We're learning a lot about it as we go along, and it's a journey for us too. If you want to work with technology like machine learning and AI, come and talk to us about it.

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