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Learn the ropes

It only takes a few minutes to learn

We’ve created this very simple ‘getting you up to speed guide’ that explains how to get the most out of OHNO. There is more to it than you see here, but by following these steps, you’ll be up and running in no time.

  • 1
    Sign up to OHNO
    Sign up for a free account with OHNO. You don't need a credit card to get started.
  • 2
    Define your goals
    Setup your team (or company) mission, objectives, and any values you might want to encourage.
  • 3
    Invite your team
    Invite the rest of your team to OHNO. OHNO is a group sport. It's more fun when others are playing along.
  • 4
    OHNO talks to your team
    OHNO will work out what kind of questions to ask your team and learn what they think is holding them back from their goals. This is how it collects 'problems' within your organization.
  • 5
    Get to the root of the problem
    Use the '5 Why's' to get to the heart of why the problem occurred in the first place. This activity is best done with the entire team. It creates more transparency and gets team members in the habit of feeling safe to raise problems.
  • 6
    Vote on the issues that matter
    Your team will then get emails from OHNO, asking them how they feel about particular issues. OHNO does this in a way that ensures certain team members aren't always voting together on the same issues, and team members are given visibility into the broader problems in the team.
  • 7
    What to focus on?
    OHNO will display the most serious problems on the priority matrix. You can see the impact and complexity of each problem, as well as how strongly your team feel about the problem from their votes.
  • 8
    Create some actions
    Pick the most important problems from the priority matrix and come up with some solutions with your team. You can assign these to someone, and OHNO will push them into whatever task management tool you use.
  • 9
    Find things slowing you down
    The reporting section shows which of your goals is being held back the most by problems in the organization. This can help set realistic expectations about what you're likely to accomplish and help you assist the team in removing barriers for them to succeed.
  • 10
    Encourage self management
    OHNO allows you to see different teams and how they are trending addressing the problems holding them back. You can see period vs period stats, and team by team.
  • 11
    A holistic view
    The dashboard view shows you key metrics within OHNO, how things are going, and what the biggest problem, and most impactful solution you have currently.

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