OHNO careers

Work is what you do, not where you do it

OHNO offers 100%, guilt-free remote working. We want the best people for the job, not the best people closet to the job.

What do we offer?

More purpose, less ping pong.

100% Remote Working

Guilt-free remote working. Work from anywhere in the world you need to. We want the best people, no matter where they are.

Team get togethers

Given the remote team, we'll make a conscious effort to get everyone together at least twice a year for some face to face time and reorient our objectives.

Your own budgets

We provide a technical budget for equipment and a learning & reading budget, so you can get all the books you want for free.

Friday's off in summer

Who doesn't love summer? We decided to give everyone a break in the summer and give everyone the Friday off to spend in the sun.

Constitutional autonomy

To ensure teams have real autonomy and can make decisions, we've baked it into our company constitution. Everyone is entitled to decide how they do their work, without interference.

Open salary policy

We embrace a concept known as radical transparency at Ohno. This means everyone's salary is available for all to see.


We want all OHNO staff to feel a sense of ownership, and because of that, we offer an equity program, giving everyone real ownership.

Health Incentives

We want everyone to live happy and healthy lives. So we offer health incentives for staff to keep their bodies and minds in great shape.

OPEN roles

Is this you?

Software engineer, Front end
We're looking for a front-end software engineer who can help us manage the visual side of the application, as well as assist with some of the marketing websites we have too. Experience with React and PHP is ideal.

Tips for candidates

  • Don’t focus so much on what you’ve done in the past, focus instead on what you can do in the future. We ask during the process what you ‘think you can deliver in 3, 6 and 12 months’ in terms of outputs, so keep that in mind.
  • We look for traits most teams do, but also we focus on those who are, goal oriented, good problem solvers, comfortable giving feedback, emotionally agile, and conscientious. So the interview process is designed to find those who embody those attributes.


A blind application process.

When you submit an application, we strip it of things like gender, race, geographical location, in fact, pretty much most of your personal information and background is pulled off the application. What we’re left with is the objective truth. This is to reduce as much bias in the application process as possible.

When you go through the interview process, after a quick chat on the phone, we perform an audition instead of a typical job interview. This means we give you a piece of actual work that we’d probably be doing that week, we’d interact with you using the tools we normally do, so slack or via video, and we just work together like normal colleagues. This gives you a chance to get to know how we work, and vice versa.

This audition process also means we are only evaluating you on the actual work, instead of which school you went to or what your last role was.

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