Predicting global business trends is easier than you think

Predicting global business trends is easier than you think

In business it’s wise to pay attention to trends. But how can you tell what’s just a passing fad? It can be hard to identify what kind of things are really catching on in the world. We use a really clever product at OHNO to help us see around corners.

Then Glimps comes along

One way of learning about market trends is to use a product called Glimps. It tracks topics across the internet and tries to spot trends that are growing based on things like search terms.

Why is this useful for your business?

When you’re focused on your day to day business, it can be hard to tell what’s changing around you. Humans are full of bias, so having a quantitive view of the world, what people are actually searching for, what trends are popular today, can help you capitalise on those trends, if you can think creatively.

Knowing popular search terms that are climbing can be great for marketing, search engine optimisation, and content marketing. But it can also alarm you to wide sweeping changes. If you’re a tobacco company, say, the following chart may set off alarm bells.

Juul is the manufacturer of electronic cigarettes.

Capitalising on trends

let’s say you’re a party supplies company. We can see from our newsletter we get from Glimps that Balloon Garlands, a big arch of balloons taped together, without the use of Helium are becoming popular.

Parties Made Pretty is an Australian party supply company who sells Balloon garland kits for $99. This is one of their kits.

Maybe this tells us that if we create some new product lines where we come and install a Balloon Garland for our customers, we would see an increase in traffic, and presumably more revenue.

Maybe we could run some Google Adwords more aggressively than we normally would.

Or perhaps creating a video about how to make the best balloon garland designs would help your customers?

The point is by knowing that the trends are rising in real time, you have information to help you see around corners.

With Glimps, you can sort by industry, product and companies easily too. So you can get pretty specific.

The data comes from a huge range of sources, and is really useful for businesses to understand whats changing in the market around them. We’ve been using it here at OHNO to learn more about trends in performance management, organisational design trends, and topics related to engagement. It’s worth a look, and totally free to try as well.

I wanted to share this article because the product is actually quite useful and I think it could help a lot of businesses out there.

Also – because I know someone will ask, we’re not in anyway affiliated with Glimps, they didn’t ask us to write this, and we have never spoken to anyone there. It’s just a great product, and you should check it out.

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