Make good teams great!

Discover the barriers preventing you from reaching your mission, objectives, and upholding the values that are important.

Uncover the barriers to growth

Through weekly survey interactions, OHNO discovers all the roadblocks to your goals, and displays it in a useful, actionable way.
5 Why promotional

Going deeper on important problems

Using the 5 Whys, OHNO helps teams go deeper on important problems, uncovering the real reasons things are going wrong. A perfect tool for managers.

Simplify your objectives

Easily organise objectives for different teams, and keep and eye on their progress. OHNO is easy to use, which means you'll actually use it.

Stay focused on what's important

Learn which problems are holding you back the most, and which actions will get you closer to your goals.

1 minute, once a week

OHNO learns what's happening in your organisation through 1 question surveys that arrive once a week. It's low touch, high impact.

Powerful actions that lead to progress

OHNO allows teams to self diagnose issues, and create lasting actions that make their lives easier. When teams can solve their own problems, they move faster, are more productive, and report higher engagement.

Designed for high performing teams

All your teams can become high performing ones. Make it happen with some basic tips and tricks you can implement today.