What's holding your team back?

OHNO uncovers the problems preventing you from reaching your mission, objectives, and upholding the values that are important, and gives you a framework to solve those problems for good.

Uncovering hidden problems

OHNO finds problems in your business that are difficult to see, especially with remote teams, through weekly interactions, and displays it in a useful way.
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Going deeper on important problems

Using the 5 Whys, OHNO helps teams go deeper on important problems, uncovering the real reasons things are going wrong. A perfect tool for managers.

Simplify your objectives

Organising your objectives shouldn't be complicated. OHNO lets you easily organise objectives for different teams, and keep and eye on progress, making reporting a breeze.

Working on what's important

OHNO captures organisational problems through the lens of what's truly important - your goals, making it the world's most intelligent and focused suggestion box.

1 minute, once a week

Everyone is busy - we get it. So we've designed OHNO to take just 1 minute, once a week from your team. That's all it takes for OHNO to learn what's happening in your organisation.
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Inspire real action to progress

Once you've identified the big problems slowing you down, you can create real action to solve them.